World of Warships

World of Warships is a very good mmo of military strategy with beautiful realistic 3D graphics, in which you run a naval fleet of the most beautiful warships.

This free-to-play online game features the same gameplay as its World of Tank counterpart, but takes place exclusively in the seas and oceans of the earth.

Main Features

– Dozens of available ships are divided into three main classes
– Realistic and beautiful graphics
– Skill and twitch-based PVP
– Dynamic weather directly affects gameplay
– A number of warships all with historical accuracy

Strategy and Tactics

Players are able to use a number of strategic manoeuvres within battle; ambushes from cover, flanking manoeuvres or full on head-to-head assaults, utilising a number of different tactics and skills that they have learned.

Roles and classes

The various warships available to command within the game can be broken down into three different class types, each of which has their own specific role within battle. Aircraft carriers primarily gears long distance air support and ensure that they are well away from the actual battle, whereas battleships are more keen to get in the middle of combat with their brute strength, often supported by more agile destroyers that’s band together as a group to perform deadly attacks:


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