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With this second episode of the game Fortress Guardian, bad forces are always striving to destroy the community. Protects the villagers dealing with the waves of episodes. Enemies [...]
Defends the village orcas episodes. You have the decision between two arms arc to remove enemies by a distance, and the sword for close fight. With all the earned money you can buy [...]
Dispose of the foe in fight ashore, air and ocean in diverse nations. Between battles, acquired new units with Exp point and earned cash.
You make utilization of unique strengths sent to a research center caution … W, A, S, D = development, E = offer, SPACE = projectiles/explosives, 1,2,3 = shooting mode.
Pilot your helicopter war on the war zone: fill your missions and wreck as much foes. Get powerups to recover vitality or rockets. Move the chopper and shoot with the mouse. SPACE [...]
Your battle helicopter pilot and decimate all adversaries drawing closer plane, helicopter, tank …
After be gotten away from the base in Bulwark 53 you understand that considerably more zombies you hold up outside. Figure out how to escape you and you wipe out zombies cross. Exp [...]
You have been chosen to test another weapon: Xrossfire. When you touch an adversary with Xrossfire, it blasts into a few shots that compass different foes … For every level, [...]
Driver German air ship of World War II. In every level you need to achieve different missions: to dispose of foe planes, bomb offices … In a few missions, you will have the b [...]
Franchi degrees simply by messing up no more than adversary cars and houses without having messing up ones container. Whack the particular gasoline tanks to be able to blow up ever [...]
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