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You’re posted at the passage of a base in the desert. Your main goal is to shield it from foe assaults. Shoot free boxes by the backing.
Decimate the foe shuttle, maintaining a strategic distance from métaorites. UP, DOWN = quicken, brake Point and shoot with the mouse. With the cash earned, purchase updates for you [...]
Pilot your plane around 5 unique times, and under every single climate condition. Annihilate the adversaries and keep away from hindrances. Steer your plane and shoot with the mous [...]
Performs a few errands for your pack as dispose of contenders individual from the mafia. Between levels you can purchase updates: weapons, shields, extra individuals. Bolts = drive [...]
Your main goal is to spare the troops, the yellow dabs on the radar. Guides the helicopter to their bases, they board anticipates that and bring them will the beginning stage, the [...]
Bo multiplayer amusement in 2D retro feel. The terminating time is constrained, the player moves with the mouse changes the point and force shooting with A.
Devastate foes and drove your train. Fabricate you’re picking train wagons and weapons. Deals with the fuel level, the condition of the train. Evacuating travelers to procure [...]
You make utilization of unique strengths sent to a research center caution … W, A, S, D = development, E = offer, SPACE = projectiles/explosives, 1,2,3 = shooting mode.
Pilot your helicopter war on the war zone: fill your missions and wreck as much foes. Get powerups to recover vitality or rockets. Move the chopper and shoot with the mouse. SPACE [...]
Mr.Freeze is back to attack Gotham City. Batman serves to avoid it. LEFT, RIGHT = move, HIGH = shoot SPACE = break the ice pieces.
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